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Planning For the Future – Wills & Incapacity in the US & Israel

TOGETHER WITH AACI IN TEL AVIV Planning For the Future – Wills & Incapacity in the US & Israel   Do I need an Israeli Will? A US Will? Both? What is a trust? Do I need one? What is a Guardian (in Hebrew “Apotropos”)? When would I need one and how is he or she... 

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U.S. amnesty window of opportunity

Published in the Jerusalem Post · 5 Jan 2017 · • By FELICIA M. SEATON and LEON HARRIS Reprinted by Permission This article can either be read below, or online at:   U.S. persons have a rare window of opportunity.... 

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Estate Planning

We amass wealth (and debts) of any amount, throughout our lifetime. When we either become unable to make financial decisions, or when we die, this wealth (and debt) becomes our “Estate”. Estate planning is the process of planning for that time when you can no longer manage your (own) wealth – either due to incapacity or death. The purpose of this process is to eliminate uncertainties and to maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Learn more.


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U.S. Income Tax Compliance

Are you a United States citizen living Israel?  Or do you have a Greencard? Or did you have one and you just let it expire?

No matter when you left the U.S. and how long you reside in Israel, you need to file your U.S. tax returns every year. Period. That is the law. If you have not been doing so, there are solutions. Learn more

Contact us at felicia@feliciaseaton.comor at 052-618-2582 in Israel or 302-892-3336 (office)/323-417-0135 (cell) in the U.S. for more information.Click here to listen to a webinar led by Felicia Seaton on estate planning for U.S. citizens living in Israel.
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