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Teaming up with AACI to serve Northern Israel

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“How can I continue to provide for my family through a health or financial crisis?”

Work, spouse, children, friends, volunteering, errands, managing a household…

Who has time to consider the difficult questions: what will happen to my family if something should happen to me? Who will take care of the kids? How can I provide for my family if something should happen to me?

What could possibly happen to me? Everything’s fine. There’s no reason to think so negatively.

Are these thoughts familiar?

Therefore, most people do not have a Will, and have neglected to do any estate planning or planning for incapacity.

Come spend a short amount of time pondering these issues: We will answer these questions together. We will listen to each other’s ideas.

Working together eases the perceived burden of identifying the questions, addressing the issues and implementing the solutions.

June 13th 7:30pm

Where: Pelech School aka Beit HaNoar, Derech Sarah, Ramat Zvi, Zichron Ya’acov.

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