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Additional Partnering with AACI – What To Expect This Tax Season

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What To Expect This Tax Season: US & Israeli Taxes    7.30pm Wednesday 18 March
The 2014 US and Israeli tax-filing season has commenced. For US citizens living in Israel, this year may seem particularly challenging. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) came into force on 1st July 2014.

Our speakers are Alan Deutsch, a CPA with over 30 years’ experience and Felicia Seaton US Licensed Attorney

Their talk will cover the following issues:
    US income tax updates 
    Complying with Obamacare taxes
    2014 US tax returns
    FATCA compliance- Israeli banks, the IRS and you
   What to do if you are not yet filing US tax returns
Members NIS 20 Non-members NIS 30

Location: Netanya AACI, Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132

Tel: 09 833 0950

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